The Soviet Garden

Engaging documentary about the secret agricultural experiments of the Soviet government

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Innemende documentaire over de geheime landbouw-experimenten ten tijde van de Sovjet Unie.

Let op: deze film is Engels ondertiteld.

The focus of this engaging investigative documentary is the shocking truth about the well-hidden experiments of the Soviet government, in which an atomic garden was created in Moldova that would supply all Soviet States with amazingly huge crops of various vegetables.

This film includes an introduction by Otto Boele, senior lecturer in Russian cinema at Leiden University.

Stimulated by his grandmother’s lethal illness and her memories on some mysterious agricultural experiments in the past, Moldavian filmmaker Dragos decides to investigate why the cancer rate in his home country has increased lately and whether there is some connection between the fatal statistics and these secret scientific endeavours.

This very personal documentary digs into rare found footage in order to portray the industrial shock imposed on Moldova by the Soviet State, while unveiling the secret plan of Nikita Khrushchev to transform Moldova into the Soviet Garden through the application of atomic energy in agriculture.

Follow the online masterclass with director Dragos Turea, accompanied by Senior Lecturer of Russian cinema Dr. O.F. Boele (Leiden University): November 11 on the online channels of the ENFF.

Recommendation by Otto Boele, Senior lecturer on Russian cinema

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