The Diary of Diana B.

The incredible story of how Diana B. rescued 10.000 children during WWII

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Kroatische Schindler’s List over de heldendaden van Diana Budisavljević die meer dan 10.000 kinderen uit een concentratiekamp redde.

Let op: deze film is Engels ondertiteld.

The main heroine of this Croatian Schindler’s list is the remarkable Austrian woman Diana B., who led one of the largest children’s rescue campaigns of WWII, saving 10,000 children from certain death.

This film includes an introduction and elaborate Q&A with the film’s director Dana Budisavljević.

At the beginning of World War II in Nazi-occupied Croatia, Diana Budisavljevic discovers that Serbian Orthodox women and children are being massively imprisoned in a concentration camp. Instead of opting for a comfortable life as a Croatian doctor’s wife, she embarks on a dangerous journey of rescuing those children. Despite rejections for support from the Jewish community, Catholic church and Red Cross, she pulls the strings she has within Nazi structures and manages to more than 10.000 children. 

The film follows a few of the saved children visiting the concentration camp ground eighty years later. It combines interviews with survivors, archive footage and lively re-enactments of Diana’s diary, bringing her decisive presence closer to the audience. This creates a cinematic encounter between a selfless woman and the children she had saved. Winner of four Golden Arenas at the main national festival in Pula, this film shook cultural as well as political public opinion on the whole territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Follow the online webinar with the filmmakers of the films Zana, The Diary of Diana B. and How Far the Stars. An online session on Women’s Power and how to use cinema as a form of cultural memory. Moderated by Artistic director at Movies that Matter, Margje de Koning. November 12 on the online channels of the ENFF.

Recommendation by Aleksandar Kontic, lawyer and the most frequent visitor of ENFF:

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