A gripping family drama on the complex relationship between mother and daughter

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Dit Kroatische psychologische familiedrama verkent een complexe moeder-dochter-haat-liefde verhouding. De film won al veel belangrijke prijzen en Daria Lorenci-Flatz werd bekroond voor haar prachtige vertolking.

Let op: deze film is Engels ondertiteld.

Leaving her children and husband in Germany, Jasna returns to her small hometown in Croatia in order to care for her dying mother.

Now, as an adult, she has to deal again with a difficult relationship between mother and daughter that is burdened by rigid traditions, family history and stubborn characters. The dynamic between parent and child is heavy on both of them and Jasna’s intention to do her best in the last days of mother’s life becomes a disturbing drama.

A great debut by the Croatian director Jure Pavlovic who made his name with the brilliant short film Picnic, the Best European Short Film at European Film Awards 2015. While in the short Pavlovic tackled a father-son relationship, now he dwells into complex mother-daughter love-hate connection. The film has already won many major awards, as well as praise for Daria Lorenci-Flatz’s stunning performance.

Introduction by Biljana Tutorov, producer:

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