Heat Singers

A charming yet serious documentary that balances patriotism and the harsh reality of working-class men in Ukraine

Deze film is niet meer beschikbaar

Een charmante, grappige en toch serieuze documentaire over hoe verouderde sociale structuren die niet meer in een moderne economie passen, paradoxaal genoeg wel functioneren.

Let op: deze film is Engels ondertiteld.

Over the course of three years, the talented young filmmaker Nadia Parfan skilfully observed how working-class culture and human warmth can serve as a survival mechanism in times of great transition. This delightful film full of music explores how outdated social structures which no longer fit into the modern economy, continue, paradoxically, to function.

This film includes an introduction by the Ukrainian/Dutch conductor Nataliya Malhanova.

TeploKomunEnergo is a municipal heating company in a provincial Ukrainian town. Most of its workers are as old as the company and for five days per week they deal with bursting radiators, flooded basements and angry clients.

Except for Wednesdays, when their lives are put on hold at 3pm for the love for music. Ivan Vasyliovych has long been the trade union leader at TeploKomunEnergo in Ivano-Frankivsk. His magnum opus is the trade union choir for mechanics, repairmen, dispatchers, bookkeepers and other employees, and Ivan is very proud of their creative achievements.

Recommendation by Nataliya Malhanova, Choir conductor “Chervoni Korali”

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