This charming, humorous love affair drama deals with a dying love story of Serbian migrants in Scandinavia

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Charmant en humoristisch liefdesdrama over de bekoelende relatie van een Servisch migrantenechtpaar in Scandinavië. Een publiekslieveling in Servië en daarbuiten.

Let op: deze film is Engels ondertiteld.

Vida and Bane are a married couple from Serbia with successful careers in Stockholm. Beneath the surface of their comfortable life, there’s a gap widening between them, filled with lack of trust and inability to openly discuss the state of their relationship.

Vida is longing to become a mother, while Bane has other priorities. She’s struggling with expressing her emotions and ends up embracing a victim mentality, becoming increasingly bitter as the days go by. On the other side, Bane’s evident lack of interest in her state of mind and selfishness are not helping them find a way out. A visit to families back in Serbia increases the distance between them. When Vida discovers Bane’s secret they reach a crossroad and the only way to move on is to finally be open and honest with each other.

Ajvar is a typical Balkan side dish, made of roasted peppers, widely loved and popular. Likewise, the film Ajvar became a national darling in Serbia and internationally, and is one of the most travelled films from the last season, invited to festivals worldwide. With strong performances of the leading actors Natasa Ninkovic and Sergej Trifunovic, as well as impressive interpretation of the diva of TV, film and theatre in Serbia Vesna Cipcic.

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